Mountain Escape in Morrocco

38km from Marrakesh Menara International Airport
Accommodations: 86 guests
3 meeting rooms

At the heart of a natural energy reserve, this mountain escape defines ecotourism.  The beautiful landscape is the perfect getaway from concrete office buildings.   You will find an impeccable spot to explore in the Toubkal National Park, which is the location of the resort.  The awe-inspiring beauty of the Atlas Mountains will give you and your team a genuine energy boost during your stay.  On property, you will be lucky enough to come across a garden center where there are magnificent flowers being reintroduced to the habitat.  Furthermore, it was very important to the owners to respect the original landscape of the national park.  This desire spilled over into the design of the lodge rooms in that there are decorative elements that add a traditional Moroccan flair.  To extend the theme to all aspects of this hideaway, the lodges were built Berber style: traditional tents and ecolodge.  In addition, the employees mainly come from the nearby Berber villages.  The dedication to preserving the natural environment of the area truly makes this rustic mountain escape an amazing destination for your next company seminar.  


Rooms / spaces

Rooms 1 & 2

There are five meeting rooms in which to host your seminar.  Each room has its own unique character and there are a range of sizes that are very accommodating for all groups. 


Room 1 and 2 are both located at the Farm and have the same dimensions (28m²).  

20 16

Room 3

Room 3 is a tent also located at the Farm but is much larger with 112m².  (There is a possibility to add additional tents depending on the number of people in the group.)

40 40 80

Room 4

Room 4 is located at the Tintar and is the largest room with 250m². Weekends are excluded.

80 60 200

Room 5

Room 5 is located in the Nature Village.  This is the second largest meeting room as it has a space of 120m².  Weekends are excluded.  

40 50


Let your taste buds experience Morocco through the traditional and delectable dishes served at the restaurants located on-site.  The Farm is an open-air restaurant that offers a hearty breakfast and a welcoming dinner.  After you feast on a delicious meal, relax under the stars by a cozy campfire or go for a swim in the pool.  Lunchtime is spectacular at the Tintar restaurant; there are panoramic views the Duras, the Valley and the Atlas Mountains.  The seating options include the terrace, tents or a lunchroom.  There is a pool located near this restaurant as well.  At both restaurants, you will find exotic flavors of the Morocco’s deep culinary culture.  There are traditional Berber dishes as well as Tagines and Kebabs.   


On the spot

There are many guided activities that will bring out your adventurous side.  These activities will provide you and your group with valuable team building opportunities as well as a lot of good fun.  The proposed activities include: orienting, Olympic games, zip lining, acro-park, trekking (VTT, hiking, horseback riding), climbing, archery, Berber Jon’s, disc golf and a craft room.  


The hotel is in the perfect location to go hiking and discover all that the region has to offer: villages, valleys and tje Atlas summits  There are shuttles to Marrakesh many times during the day to let you explore the vibrant “Red City,” Marrakesh.